Proactive Stewardship and Conservation

Being a good neighbor is a core value that drives Devon’s commitment to environmental stewardship. As a responsible oil and gas business, we share a fundamental respect for the environment and constantly strive to improve the overall quality of life in the communities where we live and work.

To improve our environmental performance, Devon is proactive and action-oriented. We incorporate environmental considerations into our activities, decisions and compensation programs and often go above and beyond what is required by law. Devon applies economically feasible technologies to avoid or minimize our impact on the air, water and land.

Because of our emphasis on environmental stewardship, we’ve established a positive record of performance recognized by our peers and regulators. We have had a long-standing focus on reducing emissions, and we have documented our efforts and results in CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) Climate Change Reports for 15 years.

Angie Herje

Angie Herje

EHS Professional

Angie is a key player in Devon’s commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance. Her area of focus is EPA air quality reporting, with an emphasis on managing Devon’s Greenhouse Gas Program. “I firmly believe the management and reduction of greenhouse gas is important not only to Devon’s future success, but also to the health of our environment. It’s unquestionable that Devon believes in reducing our emissions and strives to stay on the leading edge of this issue.”

An industry leader in water conservation for the past decade, Devon conserves and protects fresh water supplies and reports our progress in the CDP Water Report. We’re also committed to protecting our environment, and we take great care to be good stewards of the land, wildlife and habitat around our operations.

Retrieving water sample for testing at water recycling facility in New Mexico.

Devon tracks specific metrics for greenhouse gas (GHG) and methane emissions, energy use, water use and disposal, and spills to the environment, and we share them in this report and other public disclosures. We continue to increase each year our transparency on environmental performance because we’re proud of our efforts and results, and we understand we’re accountable for them. For additional metrics and details on our practices, please refer to our 2019 CDP Climate Change Report and CDP Water Report.

We engage with investors, communities and other stakeholders on climate change, water use, seismicity and other environmental issues. In response to feedback from our stakeholders, we published our Climate Change Assessment Report in 2018. Devon will continue to listen, increase transparency and act on concerns to earn our stakeholders’ trust and to protect the environment.

Environmental performance management resources

Devon has a strong commitment to managing our environmental performance. Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Steering Committee sets strategy and monitors environmental performance and issues, including climate-change related issues, to address stakeholder concerns. The cross-functional Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Council formed in 2018 works closely with the ESG Steering Committee and senior leaders to ensure implementation of our strategy to continuously improve our environmental performance and to protect Devon’s social license to operate. Devon’s environmental professionals work hand-in-hand with our business units to ensure our operations are environmentally sound and to comply with all laws, regulations and company policies.

Every Devon employee is responsible for taking ownership of environmental performance. We expect employees to demonstrate environmental stewardship, be accountable for their actions, plan ahead, participate in environmental programs, recognize positive attitudes and behaviors, and communicate openly.