We seek to attract and retain people whose values and attributes include integrity and accountability, an appetite for improvement and openness to change, energetic perseverance and open communication.

Workplace practices at a glance

Alternate Work Schedule (or 9/80) allows flexible work schedules for most employees. By working an additional hour on eight out of nine workdays during a given pay period, employees can take every other Friday off, resulting in 26 additional paid days off per year.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides support for employees and their family members free of charge. The EAP provides confidential assistance on a wide variety of life’s challenges that could affect health, relationships and/or job effectiveness. Access to experienced counselors, financial experts, staff attorneys, elder-care consultants and concierge services are included in EAP services available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Paid parental leave is available for new parents, offering up to two weeks of leave for the care of, and bonding with, a biological or adopted child. In addition to paid parental leave, maternity leave for birth or adoption of a child is paid for up to eight weeks.

Military leave is available to deployed employee military service members. They receive full salary for three months and differential pay above the military standard for an additional nine months. Devon service members and their families enrolled in the health care plan will also remain covered for 12 months.

A strategy designed for sustainability

As our employees execute on our oil growth strategy, their success is material to Devon’s sustainability. Such success begins with equal opportunity in all aspects of employment.

We offer wellness programs, amenities and comprehensive benefits to help our employees concentrate on our shared mission when they’re at work. In 2018, we introduced several employee-friendly practices, including flexible hours, paid parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child, part-time work and telecommuting.

About 10% of Devon’s U.S. workforce took paid parental leave, worked a part-time schedule or operated from home for part of the year, and many more employees took advantage of Devon’s flexible work schedule on a day-to-day basis. We continue to monitor our workplace practices to ensure they meet our business needs and support our employees.

Training and development for employee and organizational success

Through employee training and career development opportunities, Devon has been able to fill up to 90% of leadership positions from within the company in recent years. Learning starts with new employee curriculum and continues with targeted development. Leaders also receive specific orientation, toolkits, information and development. Individual development and learning opportunities are offered through classroom instruction, online courses, assessments, coaching, interactive seminars and custom training.

A key component of employee development is engaging our people in corporate strategy and planning.

To identify technical experts and future leaders so we can support their development goals, we make it a point to know our employees’ career aspirations, accomplishments, education, training and job preferences. We also seek to support the overall depth of talent and organizational leadership readiness through annual succession planning.

Devon employees are encouraged to create individual development plans that consider their career goals. The plans usually focus on development areas such as training, practice with coaching and feedback, and job assignments.

We will continue to train and develop Devon employees to drive the innovation, technical and operational performance, and inclusive and diverse workplace we need to be the premier operator in North America.